East Entrance

East Entrance

This is the original entrance to Government House (and was begun in 1839).  The original wing was originally designed by Edward O’Brien, a London Architect, and was built by East and Breeze, under the supervision of George Strickland Kingston, Deputy Surveyor General for the Colony.  The Eastern wing comprised of the Large Drawing Room, Morning Room, Small Dining Room and three bedrooms upstairs, and is known as the “Kingston Wing”.

It is used as a more private entrance by the Governor and houseguests and when the Governor attends functions in Government House grounds.

The famous explorer, Edward John Eyre, left from this entrance on his expedition to cross the Nullarbor Plain on Thursday 18th June 1840.

The original steps have been remodelled to provide convenient wheelchair access to people with disabilities. 

Located in the Eastern Entrance is a painting dated 1889 by C.F.J. Crampton which shows the eastern aspect of Government House and a rosewood double ended sofa in the Empire-Egyptian style, and is believed to have arrived on the HMS Buffalo with Governor Hindmarsh in 1836.