Large Drawing Room

Large Drawing Room

The Large Drawing Room was included in the original house. Of particular interest is a pair of gilt console tables, also known as pier tables, with rectangular mirrors above them, which appear in the inventory of 1868.

Prior to lunches and dinners at Government House, guests are received by the Governor in the Small Drawing Room, ushered into the Large Drawing Room and served a pre-dinner drink.  This gives guests an opportunity to meet other guests before the meal.

The Large Drawing Room is also used for receiving foreign delegations with their interpreters and for small receptions of 50 people or less.

In the past, ladies would ‘withdraw’ from the men into the ‘drawing rooms’ after dinner and engage in lady-like pursuits while the men smoked and continued to drink in one of the dining rooms.  This state of affairs continued until the 1970s.

The Large Drawing Room is part of the original eastern end of Government House completed in 1840.  (Note the change in ceiling height between the Large and Small Drawing Rooms.)

Also, note the thickness of the wall separating the Large from the Small Drawing Room.  Until the mid 1850s, this was the outside wall of Government House.